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    Volunteer Wetland Monitoring and Assessment

    Wetland monitoring by citizen groups and students helps NEIWPCC's member states obtain reliable information about the condition of our region's wetlands and better protect these valuable resources. With support from EPA-New England, NEIWPCC works to foster volunteer wetland monitoring throughout our region. This initiative fulfills one objective of the New England Biological Assessment of Wetlands Workgroup.

    How NEIWPCC Can Help Interested Organizations

    NEIWPCC supports interested volunteer groups in New England and New York State in a variety of ways. We can:

  • organize training workshops in wetland monitoring.
  • provide technical assistance to groups conducting or considering wetland assessment and monitoring.
  • provide products (protocols, presentations, etc.) that groups can use.
  • For more information, contact Theresa Portante-Lyle, NEIWPCC, (978) 323-7929, ext. 244






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