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The Northeast Voluntary Turf Fertilizer Initiative

Regional Guidelines

In January of 2014, NEIWPCC completed minor final edits to its report and guidelines based on stakeholder feedback. The result is the Final Report to the New England and New York State Environmental Agency Commissioners: Regional Clean Water Guidelines for Fertilization of Urban Turf. For convenience, the thirty-three guidelines contained within the report are also available in a short-form list.

Stakeholder Comment Period

During the fall of 2013, NEIWPCC opened a comment period for stakeholders to submit written comments on an interim final version of the report and guidelines. A small number of comment letters were received. NEIWPCC developed a single response to comments addressing the concerns raised by commenters, both through comment letters and via telephone or other private communication. The response also describes how aspects of the final report and guidelines were changed in response to comments.


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