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For general questions on Training, please contact us at 978-323-7929 or e-mail us.

For any last minute changes or cancellations due to weather, location, or instructor illness, please call our 24-Hour Training and Event Hotline at 978-349-2345.


NEIWPCC Training Catalogs and Information:

Customized Training: Need a course that is not in the current catalog, or one tailored to the needs of your organization? Want to bring a NEIWPCC training program to your facility? Let us know what you need and we'll let you know what's possible! For more information, visit our Custom Training page. Questions? Contact us today at 978-323-7929 or by e-mail.

Available NEIWPCC Online Training – NEIWPCC currently has an online wet weather operations course available that has been approved for 10 TCHs in the states of MA, ME, NH, and NY.

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Check back mid-January for our Spring 2017 Training Catalogs
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4/26/17 - 4/27/17ME - North Country ConventionPresque IsleJETCC
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1/3/17 - 1/10/17MA - Wastewater Pumps & Hydraulics, 2-Session CourseMillburyMWOT
1/22/17 - 1/25/17NEWEA Annual ConferenceBostonNEWEA
1/30/17 - 2/21/17MA - Advanced Operation of Municipal WWTPs (Grades 5-6C), 4-Session CourseMillburyMWOT
3/15/17 - 3/29/17MA - Basic Wastewater Math, 3-Session CourseMillburyMWOT
4/4/17 - 5/9/17MA - Basic Operation of Municipal WWTPs (Grades 1-2M), 6-Session Course, Option 1MillburyMWOT
4/5/17 - 5/3/17MA - Basic Industrial WWT (Grades 1-2I), 5-Session CourseMillburyMWOT
4/6/17 - 5/4/17MA - Basic Wastewater Laboratory, 4-Session CourseMillburyMWOT
5/10/17 - 5/24/17MA - Advanced Industrial WWT (Grades 3-4I), 3-Session CourseMillburyMWOT
5/16/17 - 6/20/17MA - Basic Operation of Municipal WWTPs (Grades 1-2M), 6-Session Course, Option 2AttleboroMWOT
5/23/17MA - Basic Math Review for Wastewater OperatorsMillburyMWOT
5/31/17 - 6/14/17MA - Intermediate Operation of Municipal WWTPs (Grades 3-4M), 3-Session CourseMillburyMWOT
6/1/17MA - Municipal Wastewater Operation ReviewMillburyMWOT
6/6/17MA - Review for Ind. Grades 1-2I Operator Cert. Exams & Ind. Portions of Grades 5-6CMillburyMWOT
6/15/17MA - Advanced Math Review for Municipal WWTO'sMillburyMWOT
6/20/17 - 6/21/17MA - Wastewater Pumps & Hydraulics, 2-Day CourseMillburyMWOT
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