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69 Years Working for Clean Water: 1947 through 2016

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    Technical Guides

    TR-16 Guides for the Design of Wastewater Treatment Works

    This popular guide to the important elements that must be considered in the design of wastewater treatment works is newly revised (May 2016) to reflect the need for resiliency in the face of storm surge and extreme weather. It is available in print or on disk.

    The manual was complete revised in 2011 to reflect current practices and to include advances in technology, nutrient removal, energy efficiency, and instrumentation.

    The guide is written for engineers who design wastewater treatment plants, state regulators who review and approve designs, and municipalities that are soliciting professional design services for wastewater treatment facilities.

    TR-16 is NEIWPCC's most-requested document.

    The 2016 revision adds key concepts and criteria related to flooding, storm-surge, and extreme weather. The revision primarily affects just a few chapters.

    Two documents available for download explain what the TR-16 Guide includes. The Table of Contents and introductions to the current edition describe the guide and each of its chapters. "What's New in the Revised Edition" highlights changes in the Revised 2011 Edition, and is meant to act as a companion document for those who still have the original 2011 version.

    To order your TR-16 Guide, call NEIWPCC at (978) 323-7929, download the order form, or e-mail us at mail@neiwpcc.org. TR-16 costs $95.00 per copy (hard copy) or $25.00 (CD or USB). These prices include shipping and handling (U.S. Media Mail), and all orders will reflect the 2016 revisions.

    TR-16 can now be ordered online (credit card purchases only).


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