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Presenter Biographies

Biographical information will continually develop online as more information is posted by our speakers.

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  • Mahesh Albuquerque
  • Teresa Alleman
  • Bill Alpine
  • Will Anderson
  • Suzan Arfman
  • William Benni
  • Therron Blatter
  • Ray Boyle
  • Kevin Brackney
  • Lamar Bradley
  • Jane Bral
  • Murray Brown
  • Susan Burnell
  • Leslie Carr
  • David Chambers
  • Randy Chapman
  • Sully Curran
  • Robin Davis
  • George DeVaull
  • Tracie Donaldson
  • David Doyle
  • Patrick Duggan
  • Stephen Dyment
  • Carol Eighmey
  • Kimberly Fedinatz
  • John Fitzgerald
  • John Fontana
  • Bill Foskett
  • Tom Fox

  • Mahesh Albuquerque, Colorado DOPS
    633 17th St.
    Denver, CO 80202
    Tel: 303-318-8502

    Mahesh Albuquerque is the Director of the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety. His responsibilities include oversight of Colorado's Petroleum Storage Tank Programs - UST/AST Inspection, LUST Remediation, Reimbursement Fund, and Weights & Measures, as well as several Public Safety Programs including Explosives, Boilers and Pressure Vessels, Conveyances, and Amusement Rides and Devices. He has been with the division for over a decade, and serves on several national workgroups on policy development. Prior to joining the division, he spent eight years in the private sector as an environmental consultant. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geology from the University of Bombay, and is a registered professional geologist.

    Teresa Alleman, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    15013 Denver West Parkway, MS 1634
    Lakewood, CO 80401
    Tel: 303-275-4514

    Teresa Alleman is a senior chemist with the Fuels Performance Group at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. She has been with the Fuels Performance Group for 12 years and focusing her research on reducing technical barriers to increase utilization of alternative and advanced fuels. In recent years, she has worked on a wide variety of current and future fuels and blendstocks, such as biodiesel, ethanol, natural gas, Fischer-Tropsch fuels, pyrolysis oils, and terpenes. With her background in analytical chemistry, she focuses her work on fuel quality, test methodology, and trace component analysis. She has led a large number of projects and has an impressive list of publications in these areas. She oversees three fuel chemistry laboratories with a wide variety of analytical equipment, including GC and GC/MS, UPLC/MS, FTIR, TOF-MS and wet chemistry methods to support her research. She is an active member of the petroleum committee at ASTM and has written and supported multiple test methods and specifications for alternative fuels over the years. She is also an active member of AOCS, ACS, and SAE.

    Bill Alpine, Environmental Compliance Services, Inc.
    10 State St.
    Woburn, MA 01801
    Tel: 781-246-8897

    Bill Alpine is Corporate Counsel and Director of Cost Recovery for Environmental Compliance Services. ECS is an environmental consulting company specializing in providing a broad range of environmental services to its petroleum, institutional, governmental, and educational clients. ECS's expertise encompasses such areas as remediation, due diligence, and claim reimbursement services. His responsibilities include providing corporate legal guidance to the company's 200+ employees as well as overseeing the company's state reimbursement claims management program. Prior to joining ECS, he worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for seventeen years, the last twelve of which he served as Executive Director of the Massachusetts Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund. He served as Co-Chair of the State Fund Administrators Task Force. He earned his B.S. in Marine Engineering from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and his J.D. from Suffolk University.

    Will Anderson, U.S. EPA OUST
    1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
    Mail code 5401P
    Washington, DC 20460
    Tel: 703-603-7156

    Will Anderson is the director of the Cleanup and Revitalization Division in EPA's Office of Underground Storage Tanks. He has worked at EPA for over 20 years. His current areas of responsibility include state fund soundness, petroleum vapor intrusion guidance, LUST backlog reduction strategies, petroleum brownfields, and semi-annual performance reporting. Prior to joining EPA, he served for 3 years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon, West Africa where he taught Biology and Chemistry to high school and middle school students. He earned a B.S. in Pre-Med Studies from the University of Notre Dame in 1988.

    Suzan Arfman, New Mexico ED
    5500 San Antonio Dr. NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87107
    Tel: 505-222-9527

    After 20 years with American Airlines, Suzan Arfman decided it was time for something new. She went back to school earning a degree in Geographic Information Systems from Central New Mexico Community College. She began working for the New Mexico Environment Department as a Geographic Information Systems Analyst working exclusively for the New Mexico Environment Department/Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau since 2005. Her focus has been GoNM, Geographic Information System Screening Tool of New Mexico, an environmental assessment identification and prioritization tool developed to provide a systematic approach to determine cumulative impacts in making environmentally sound decisions. GoNM evaluates petroleum facilities in New Mexico on their potential to leak and the jeopardy such a leak could cause the public and the environment and provides remediation information.

    William Benni, Improved Analysis through Modeling, LLC
    20 Woodbridge Dr.
    Christianburg, VA 24073
    Tel: 540-394-3236

    William Benni is the founder of Improved Analysis through Modeling, located in Christiansburg, VA. He graduated with highest honors from Rutgers University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and is about 2 years from completing his Ph.D. at Virginia Tech. He has developed the Benni Source Modeling Approach over the past 21 years and applied it to numerous LNAPL and DNAPL sources at both small retail gas stations and large Superfund sites. The approach has been verified with over $1,000,000 in field investigations. Several environmental protection agencies have requested presentations of the tools discussed. Currently, his work focuses on applying the approach to monitoring the progress of thermal remediation, finding underlying causes at UST problem site,s and providing expert testimony.

    Therron Blatter, Utah DEQ
    P.O. Box 144840
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114
    Tel: 801-536-4141

    Therron Blatter is the Manager for the Underground Storage Tank Branch of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. In this capacity, he is responsible for oversight of Utah's compliance and enforcement program, LUST cleanup program, and Petroleum Storage Tank cleanup fund. He has been involved in Utah UST program for the past 22 years; eight as a UST field inspector, eleven as a UST compliance program manager and the last three as a UST branch manager. He is currently the Chair of the ASTSWMO UST Taskforce. He received his B.S and M.S. in Geology from Brigham Young University.

    Ray Boyle, The Well Improvement Company, Inc.
    950 Southridge Greens Blvd,. Unit 1
    Fort Collins, CO 80525
    Tel: 303-444-6422
    Poster Presenter

    Ray Boyle is a Hydrogeologist and owner of The Well Improvement Company of Fort Collins, CO. He has a B.S. in Geology from Montana State University and an M.S. in Geology with an emphasis in hydrogeology from Colorado State University. He has centered his academic, research, and application growth in the area of fractured rock hydrology. This has led to the development of equipment and procedures to obtain the optimum distribution and delivery of remediation chemicals at contaminated ground water sites. Areas of equipment development include injection equipment with high flow rate and pressure capabilities, special injection tips for direct push applications, and short sample-interval straddle packers for focused bedrock sampling and remediation.

    Kevin Brackney, Nez Perce Tribe
    P.O. Box 365
    Lapwai, ID 83540
    Tel: 208-843-7368
    Speaker, Poster Presenter

    Kevin Brackney is an Idaho registered Professional Geologist and a Certified Ground Water Professional. He received an M.S. in Hydrology from the University of Idaho in 1992 and a B.S. in Geology from Ft. Lewis College, Durango, CO, in 1978. He has a total of 21 years of professional experience as Hydrogeologist, including 9 years conducting groundwater bioremediation research with U.I., and 12 years working on environmental protection and restoration for the Nez Perce Tribe in both LUST and Brownfield Tribal Response programs. He also worked for 12 years as an Exploration and Mining Geologist in 12 states with a primary focus on precious and base metals.

    Lamar Bradley, Tennessee DEC
    4th Floor L&C Tower
    401 Church St.

    Nashville, TN 37138
    Tel: 615-532-0952

    Lamar Bradley has worked in the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Underground Storage Tanks since 1988 and has 37 years of experience in state government. He currently oversees activities for the Notification, Enforcement and Compliance section, provides technical assistance to inspectors, and works on developing improvements in the compliance inspection and enforcement programs. He has developed numerous technical and policy issues for the division. He served on the EPA National Work Group on Leak Detection Evaluations in 1993 for five years before leaving the group to devote more time to state efforts as the 1998 deadline approached. He rejoined the work group in 2003. He has been involved at state and national levels with UST issues involving leak detection, ASTM alternative assessment procedures, cathodic protection testing, operator training, federal regulation revision, flexible piping, alternative fuels, etc. He developed "Tank School" - a one day training session used in Tennessee and other states for operator training. He also wrote the original script for the video, Tank Time, which was used to educate tank owners about the 1998 UST upgrade deadline. He is currently writing and producing a series of instructional compliance videos for tank owners which will be available on the internet.

    Jane Bral, Colorado DOPS
    633 17th St., Suite 500

    Denver, CO 80202
    Tel: 303-318-8510

    Jane Bral graduated from Ohio University in Athens, OH in 1980 with a B.S. in Geology and in 1984 with an M.S. in Hydrogeology. She worked with Environmental Science and Engineering for 13 years in Gainesville, FL and Denver, CO doing petroleum and hazardous waste site assessment and remediation. In 1998, she founded Bral Environmental, Inc. that specializes in Phase I and II site assessments. In 1999, she joined the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety as an Environmental Protection Specialist in the Remediation Section where she oversaw the assessment and remediation of petroleum contaminated sites. In 2004, she began managing the Colorado Petroleum Storage Tank Fund that provides annual reimbursements of $35M to $40M.

    Murray Brown, Colorado DOPS
    633 17th St., Suite 500
    Denver, CO 80202
    Tel: 303-728-4849

    Murray Brown is an Oil Inspector with the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety. He brings to the conference an extensive industry background and a variety of experience in petroleum tanks, gas liquids pipeline transportation, gas measurement, and project management. He has been with the division for 4 years as an Oil Inspector covering rural areas on the west slope of Colorado. He specializes in helping customers achieve regulatory compliance and is currently cross training in environmental remediation. He holds a B.S. in Geology from Mesa University CMU in Grand Junction, Colorado.

    Susan Burnell, U.S. EPA OUST
    1200 Pennsylvania Ave. (5401P)
    Washington, DC 20460
    Tel: 703-603-9231

    Susan Burnell works in the Cleanup and Revitalization Division of EPA's Office of Underground Storage Tanks. She has been with EPA for 18 years and has worked in OUST since 2009. She is the content lead for OUST's backlog study and follow-up efforts. Most recently, she has worked with EPA's Office of Site Remediation Enforcement to develop the RP Search Guide for the UST Program. She has a B.S. in Biology from Albion College in Albion, MI.

    Leslie Carr, Kentucky DEP
    200 Fair Oaks Ln.
    Frankfort, KY 40601
    Tel: 502-564-5981

    Leslie Carr is a 1999 graduate of the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Natural Resource Conservation Management. Her career with Kentucky state government began with the Kentucky National Guard where she was the environmental contact in charge of water, waste, and spills. For the past 11 years, she has worked for the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection in the program areas of water and waste. Since 2008, she has been the Energy Act Coordinator with the Kentucky Underground Storage Tank Branch where she developes and manages their online training program, assists with program development in the UST Compliance Section, helps train UST field inspectors, and writes/updates regulations, handbooks, and SOPs. She also represents Kentucky as the Vice Chair of the ASTSWMO UST Task Force and the ASTSWMO Core Report Workgroup.

    David Chambers, Nebraska DEQ
    P.O. Box 98922
    Lincoln, NE 68509
    Tel: 402-471-4258

    David Chambers is the Petroleum Remediation Section Supervisor for the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. He has been managing petroleum cleanup work in Nebraska since 1988. He also supervises the state reimbursement fund used for petroleum remediation. Before becoming a supervisor, he developed groundwater quality regulations and groundwater cleanup procedures for Nebraska DEQ. He currently is Vice-Chair of ASTSWMO's State Fund/Financial Responsibility Task Force. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biology (with a Geology minor) from Northwest Missouri State University.

    Randy Chapman, Virginia DEQ
    13901 Crown Ct.
    Woodbridge, VA 22193
    Tel: 703-583-3816

    Randy Chapman is a graduate of Clemson University. In 1993, he was hired by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality as a UST remediation geologist. He serves as a Remediation Program Leader in the DEQ Northern Regional Office. He is also a current member of the ITRC Petroleum Vapor Intrusion Team. Over the years he has managed hundreds of petroleum release investigations, assessments, and corrective actions. These cases have ranged between simple home heating oil releases to bulk storage terminal closures. He has presented numerous cases studies at U.S. EPA Region 3 and National LUST Conferences. These studies have included MIPS surveys, residential redevelopment of impacted sites, Tracer studies, and a PVI investigation of a residential property.

    Sully Curran, Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute
    11150 S. Wilcrest Dr., Suite 101
    Houston, TX 77099
    Tel: 281-568-4100

    Sullivan (Sully) Curran is the Executive Director of the Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute, located in Houston, Texas, and is a Civil Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Business Administration. He retired from ExxonMobil Corp. after 35 years where he served as a manager of Operations, Engineering, Environmental Departments and chaired numerous American Petroleum Institute Environmental Committees. The Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute was incorporated in 1987 as a non-profit organization. The Institute provides a forum for the fiberglass reinforced thermoset plastic industry to combine resources, provide standard-setting organizations with technical data, and disseminate information to the government, industry, and the public.

    Robin Davis, Utah DEQ
    195 North 1950 West
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114
    Tel: 801-536-4177

    Robin Davis is a Licensed Professional Geologist and Project Manager with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Leaking Underground Storage Tank program. She has over 30 years of professional experience, and specializes in fate and transport of petroleum hydrocarbons, risk assessments, and data acquisition and analysis most recently for the vapor-intrusion exposure pathway.

    George DeVaull, Shell Global Solutions
    3333 Highway Six South
    Houston, TX 77082
    Tel: 281-544-7430

    George DeVaull has a Ph.D. and is a Senior Consultant at Shell Global Solutions, with experience in applied methods of measuring, estimating, and modeling chemical fate and transport in the environment. He has developed several methods for modeling and parameterizing soil vapor emissions, including vapor intrusion to indoor air, and has also developed and applied varied risk assessment methods in site remediation decisions.

    Tracie Donaldson, U.S. EPA Region 6
    1445 Ross Ave., Suite 1200
    Dallas, TX 75202
    Tel: 214-665-6633

    Tracie Donaldson has worked for EPA for 26 years, of which the last 12 years she has been involved in the Underground Storage Tank Program. She has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri Rolla and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

    David Doyle, U.S. EPA Region 7
    11201 Renner Blvd.

    Lenexa, KS 66219
    Tel: 913-551-7667

    David Doyle works for the U.S. EPA Region 7 Office in Lenexa, Kansas. He has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Syracuse University and an M.S. in Environmental Health Engineering from the University of Kansas. He has been with EPA for 37 years and has worked in many of EPA's water, air, and hazardous waste programs as both a staff person and a manager. He is presently EPA Region 7's Sustainable Communities Coordinator, where he assists EPA program staff, property owners, community leaders, and others in applying smart growth and sustainable community principles and techniques to make communities more sustainable. He is also a certified mediator for the Kansas City Area Federal Employee's Shared Neutrals Mediation Program and the Kansas City Police Board of Commissioners Office of Community Complaints.

    Patrick Duggan, Duggan Energy Group
    P.O. Box 3973
    Greenwood Village, CO 80111
    Tel: 303-835-7055

    Patrick Duggan of Duggan Energy Group is a long time Petroleum Marketer. He has been through all phases of tank compliance, from building fuel facilities to compliance reporting to submission to state funds for reimbursement for clean-up. Before starting Duggan Energy Group, he sold the Family Marketer-Ship in 2006 and was a large wholesale marketer distributing fuels, ranging from aviation, racing fuels, gasoline and distillates, lubricants and owned 25 retail locations and a fuel and lubricant testing laboratory. Through his own experiences he recognized the need for easy low-cost solutions for Marketers, C-stores, Fueling Centers, etc. Duggan Energy Group has a suite of modular on-line accounting and compliance reporting platforms needed in today's market place. He is also a Petroleum Chemist and Software Developer.

    Stephen Dyment, U.S. EPA OSRTI
    1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20460
    Tel: 703-603-9903

    Stephen Dyment is a chemist with more than 17 years experience including 4 years in a commercial analytical laboratory and 8 years in environmental consulting. He joined EPA in 2005 with a focus towards enhancing acceptance and use of emerging analytical technologies, sampling strategies, and remediation approaches. His perspective draws upon years of practical laboratory and field experience to apply EPA's Triad approach at sites in Superfund, Brownfields, RCRA, UST, and State programs. His efforts have resulted in the development of numerous EPA case studies, profiles, and training courses that outline successful strategies for the use and understanding of collaborative data sets, adaptive QC programs, and real time analytics. The resulting targeted high resolution information improves the conceptual site model and uses scale appropriate measurements to optimize remedy design effectiveness and facilitate the application of green and sustainable remediation approaches. He provides project-specific support for sites through the Brownfield and Superfund technical support centers and teaches classes on sampling design, x-ray fluorescence, Triad, and other technical subjects. He holds a B.S. in Environmental Science/Toxicology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

    Carol Eighmey, Missouri PSTIF
    P.O. Box 836
    Jefferson City, MO 65102
    Tel: 573-522-2352

    Carol Eighmey has done "tanks work" in Missouri for 20 years, the last 16 as Executive Director of the Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund. Well-known by UST/LUST regulators across the country, her experience includes knowledge of underground and aboveground tank regulations and equipment, cleanup technologies and costs, federal and state case law, and politics. She has served on several national committees, on the board of directors of NatLUST, and as a reviewer for EPA technical papers; she also regularly writes articles on UST-related topics for various publications. She has a B.S. in Applied Physics and an M.S. in Engineering Management from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

    Kimberly Fedinatz, U.S. EPA OECA
    1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW MC 2273A
    Washington, DC 20460
    Tel: 202-564-6300

    Kimberly Fedinatz is an attorney in EPA's Office of Site Remediation Enforcement. She represents EPA's interests in multi-regional bankruptcy cases, and focuses on policy and guidance development relating to CERCLA and RCRA Subtitle I corrective action enforcement. Prior to working at EPA, she was a commissioned officer in the Army Corps of Engineers where she led military construction and demolition projects. She deployed to Iraq twice and was awarded a Bronze Star Medal. She earned a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from George Mason University.

    John Fitzgerald, Massachusetts DEP
    205B Lowell St.
    Wilmington, MA 01887
    Tel: 978-694-3308

    John Fitzgerald has been employed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection since 1980, specializing in the assessment and cleanup of sites contaminated by petroleum and hazardous materials. He was a co-developer of MassDEP's Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbon (VPH), Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbon (EPH), Air-Phase Petroleum Hydrocarbon (APH) approaches, analytical methods, and regulatory programs. He has a B.S. and M.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

    John Fontana, Vista GeoScience
    130 Capital Dr., Suite C
    Golden, CO 80401
    Tel: 303-277-1694

    John Fontana, President/CEO of Vista GeoScience, is a professional geologist with over 30 years of experience in environmental investigation, remediation, and geochemistry. He oversees all business and technical operations at Vista including a geochemical and environmental laboratory, specialized soil gas detection technologies, environmental site investigation and remediation technologies, and has co-authored over 70 presentations and papers on these topics. He pioneered and introduced many of unique methods and tools to support these types of operations. He has supervised environmental site characterizations and remediation projects at major DOD, DOE, Oil and Gas, and other industrial sites across the country. He holds water well contractor's licenses in multiple states. He earned a B.S. in Geology, Oceanography and Physics from Humboldt State University in California.

    Bill Foskett, U.S. EPA OUST

    Tel: 703-603-7153

    Tom Fox, Colorado DOPS
    633 17th St., Suite 500
    Denver, CO 80202
    Tel: 303-318-8535

    Tom Fox has participated as a consultant in environmental assessment and remediation of petroleum storage tanks since 1987, mainly in the western U.S., and joined the Colorado Division of Oil & Public Safety in 2007. Recently, he has been involved in creating and updating reporting formats as OPS moves toward accepting only electronic formats to reduce or eliminate paper records.


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