2015 National Tanks Conference in Boston, MA

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  • ACE
  • COLUMBIA Technologies
  • Containment Solutions
  • Crompco, LLC
  • fueloperator
  • Geological Resources, Inc.
  • Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc
  • Icon Containment Solutions
  • JMM Global
  • Leak Detection Technologies Inc.
  • MobileWright Solutions
  • Modern Welding Co.
  • Morrison Bros. Co.
  • NOV Fiber Glass Systems
  • OPW CleanEnergy Fueling Products
  • Petro Classroom
  • ProTechnology
  • Purpora Engineering
  • Regenesis
  • Remediation Products, Inc.
  • S. Bravo Systems, Inc.
  • Tanknology
  • The Veeder Root Company
  • Titan Cloud Software
  • UST Training
  • Vaporless Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Vista GeoScience
  • Warren Rogers Associates
  • Xerxes Corporation

  • ACE
    436 Walnut Street, 7th Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
    Tel: 215-640-4437
    Contact: Julie Steward
    Email: julie.steward@acegroup.com
    Booth 28
    ACE is one of the world's largest multiline property and casualty insurers, providing commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance. Operations in 54 countries, with approximately 21,000 employees serving a diverse group of customers worldwide.

    COLUMBIA Technologies
    6700 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 200
    Columbia, MD 21046
    Tel: 410-536-9911
    Contact: Roger Lamb
    Email: yfang@columbiatechnologies.com
    Booth 8
    COLUMBIA Technologies is your Partner for Smarter Sustainable Solutions. We focus on enhancing your complete LNAPL conceptual site model by leveraging your existing data with the best high resolution tools such as LIF and onsite field analytics. Following established ITRC guidelines, we apply the best science, technology, data, and engineering to identify and close data gaps. Collaboratively, we optimize long-term business outcomes for all stakeholders using the best science and quality. Think. Restore. Sustainably.

    Containment Solutions
    5150 Jefferson Chemical Road
    Conroe, Texas 77301
    Tel: 936-756-7731
    Contact: Vanessa Flores
    Email: vflores@csiproducts.com
    Booth 45
    Containment Solutions is the largest American fiberglass tank manufacturer. Specializing in underground storage tanks ranging from 600-60,000 gal., for the storage and handling of petroleum and biofuels, water, automotive lubricants and more. The company offers a comprehensive selection of innovative products for the perpetual storage and handling of hazardous, non-hazardous, flammable, and combustible liquids. In addition to our fiberglass tanks, we compliment our underground product line with aboveground steel tanks for fuel and automotive lubricants.

    Crompco, LLC
    1815 Gallagher Road
    Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
    Tel: 610-276-5914
    Contact: Ed Kubinsky
    Email: ed.kubinsky@crompco.com
    Booth 20
    Serving the industry for over 32 years, Crompco is one of the nation's leading UST compliance testing firms. Our goal is to serve UST owners and operators with unmatched experience, attention to detail and cost-effective solutions designed to protect the environment and our customer's assets. Crompco's Cloud-Based Vault Services provides owners with an array of tools and information including test results, scheduling, date tracking, document tracking, archiving, gauge monitoring, work order management, and pricing tools.

    310 W 200 N
    Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
    Tel: 8018548679
    Contact: Steven Wellman
    Email: steve@fueloperator.com
    Booth 19
    We provide Business Intelligence and data collection for fuel and facility operators, we put your data to work for you. You can customize the questions by region, state or facility. We push data back in real-time as the inspections are being performed. We fill out, manage and host state specific forms as needed.

    Geological Resources, Inc.
    3502 Hayes Road
    Monroe, North Carolina 28110
    Tel: 704-845-4010
    Contact: Lisa Hilbish
    Email: llh@geologicalresourcesinc.com
    Booth 31
    Geological Resources, Inc. is a leading environmental consulting firm specializing in Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments, Asbestos Inspections, Vapor Intrusion, UST Removals, Soil and Ground Assessments and Remediation, Permitting and Compliance, Emergency Spill Response Management, Brownfields, Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Permits, and Sedimentation and Erosion Control Plans.

    Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc
    1340 Campus Parkway
    Building C
    Neptune, NJ 07753
    Tel: 866-518-7971
    Contact: Salena Kline
    Email: skline@gesonline.com
    Booth 22
    Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. (GES) celebrates 30 years providing UST and AST services for clients in the oil and gas and industrial sectors. Related services include environmental due diligence, soil & groundwater investigation and remediation, compliance inspections, spill response, SPCC plans, tank degassing, closure, and tank removal and replacement construction services. We use innovative technologies, creative approaches, and regulatory expertise to untangle the greatest environmental challenges. Visit us at www.gesonline.com.

    Icon Containment Solutions
    905 N. Main Street, D-1
    North Salt Lake, Utah 84054
    Tel: 855.379.7867
    Contact: Paul Reber
    Email: paul@icontainment.com
    Booth 42
    Exclusively focused on containment leak repair and corrosion prevention, Icon provides and supports the widest range of effective repair products in the market, including sealants, instant water block, watertight sump lids, split-repair fittings, structural repair bonders, and testing kits. If it leaks, we have a solution and support the installer with training, parts specification, and technical support. Icon also offers a corrosion preventing humidity/vapor absorbant and sealants for sealed STP sumps.

    JMM Global
    2496 Technology Drive
    Elgin, IL 60124-7925
    Tel: 847-888-0276
    Contact: Jennifer Betz
    Email: jbetz@jmmglobal.com
    Booth 13
    JMM Global is a leading managed services provider of storage tank management and regulatory compliance solutions. We provide a comprehensive software platform and environmental compliance expertise to manage storage tanks. In addition to storage tank management, our core business competencies include inventory management, 24/7 call center services, and cradle to grave project oversight. Through our parent company, BSM Technologies, we bring telematics and GPS tracking solutions for rubber tire fleets, yellow iron, rail equipment, railcars, and locomotives.

    Leak Detection Technologies Inc.
    1889 N Oracle Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85705
    Tel: 855-255-LEAK
    Contact: David Rabb
    Email: david.rabb@leakdetect.net
    Booth 44
    Leak Detection Technologies owns the world's most precise leak detection methods. Unique to the industry is the capability to transfer from leak detection to leak identification within the same mobilization. Leaks are located with pinpoint precision for repair and retest within hours not days. Our Scientists continue with the largest R&D program of its kind. LDT's 24/7 emergency team is the fastest and most precise leak detection team within the USA. Visit us at WWW.MDLeak.com

    MobileWright Solutions
    27 Water Street
    Wakefield, MA 01880
    Tel: 7819685245
    Contact: Dan Blake
    Email: dblake@mobilewright.com
    Booth 14
    MobileWright's UST Inspector (a mobile inspection software application) has streamlined and improved the inspection process at several state UST programs (NH DES, CT DEP, ID DEQ, NC DENR, VI DEP, SC DHEC, and RI DEM). The UST Inspector system facilitates performing a complete compliance inspection, collecting of electronic signatures, on-site printing of enforcement letters, site diagramming, GPS coordinate collection, facility management plan generation, and testing/certification of Class A/B operators.

    Modern Welding Co.
    2880 New Hartford Road
    Owensboro, Ky 42303
    Tel: 270-685-4400
    Contact: Tony Honey
    Email: thoney@modweldco.com
    Booth 7
    Modern means business; yesterday, today and tomorrow.Underground tanks (GLASTEEL II) with purpose.Aboveground tanks (FIREGARD) with a survival mission. Separators (KLEEWATER) that give synergy to the separation. Manufacturing Locations Nation-wide.

    Morrison Bros. Co.
    570 E. 7th Street
    Dubuque, Iowa 52001
    Tel: 563-583-5701
    Contact: Kelly Mulligan
    Email: kmulligan@morbros.com
    Booth 43
    Morrison Bros. Co. is a leading manufacturer of petroleum marketing products used in a variety of applications including ASTs, service stations, tank trucks, and various environmental areas. Some of these products include vents, valves, spill containers, gauges, and manholes.

    NOV Fiber Glass Systems
    17115 San Pedro Ave. Suite 200
    San Antonio, Texas 78323
    Tel: (864) 617 2439
    Contact: Joshua Fowler
    Email: Joshua.Fowler@nov.com
    Booth 39
    NOV Fiber Glass Systems' Red Thread IIA and Dualoy fiberglass piping systems are UL971 Listed for identified fuels, products and applications. They are compatible with all blends of Biodiesel and Ethanol, and DEF. Our Sump Entry Termination fittings meet California's requirement of a Class 1 (leak prevention) systems, suitable for continuous vacuum monitoring, and offer a 30-year Water Intrusion Warranty. We have always been on the leading edge of regulatory compliance and standards testing!

    OPW CleanEnergy Fueling Products
    9393 Princeton-Glendale Road
    Hamilton, Ohio 45242
    Tel: 800-422-2525
    Contact: Erik Shelton
    Email: kelly.klodell@opwglobal.com
    Booth 4 & 5
    OPW CleanEnergy Fueling Products is Leading the Way in fueling the future, offering the world’s most complete line of CNG (compressed natural gas), Hydrogen and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) fueling products, including: Autogas Nozzles, Breakaways, Shear Valves, Adaptors and Hose Assemblies.

    Petro Classroom
    9237 Ward Parkway
    Suite 220
    Kansas City, Missouri 66213
    Tel: 9136459140
    Contact: Patrick Vuchetich
    Email: pjv@petroclassroom.com
    Booth 40
    If you are looking for Class A/B Operator Certification Training or Class C Operator Certification Training, as required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, you have come to the right place. Petro Classroom offers affordable and convenient compliance training that not only meets, but exceeds the training requirements and guidelines established by the EPA. We currently offer Classroom and Online Training for Class A and B Operators and Online Training for Class C Operators.

    2828 Cochran Street
    Simi Valley, CA 93065
    Tel: (805)527-1248
    Contact: Dean Wetherston
    Email: dean.wetherston@protechinc.com
    Booth 1
    ProTechnology delivers market-driven and proven solutions that enhance business productivity and agility by automating document-based business processes. We offer a standards-compliant suite of products enables customers to improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge by reducing manual data entry costs, improving information accuracy, automating routing and workflow procedures, and providing immediate, personalized communications to customers, their partners and employees.

    Purpora Engineering
    P.O. Box 80265
    658 N. Progress Dr
    Saukville, WI 53080
    Tel: 262-536-4081
    Contact: Dawn Brooks
    Email: dawnb@purporaengineering.com
    Booth 26
    Since 1978 Purpora Engineering has been delivering industry leading service and solutions for tank and line testing. Stephen Purpora, President, states "Our strategic plan is to offer a complete tank and line test system with the widest range of capabilities. We are confident that with Alert and Petro-tite we do just that. Our second to none training, exceptional products and exclusive partnerships with the highest quality manufacturers, offer a distinct ongoing advantage to our clients."

    1011 Calle Sombra
    San Clemente, CA 92673
    Tel: 949-366-8000
    Contact: Lori Muggee
    Email: lmuggee@regenesis.com
    Booth 27
    REGENESIS is a global leader in proven and cost-effective environmental technologies for the remediation of contaminated sites. Since 1994, the company has been developing and manufacturing a range of products that are applied directly into soil and groundwater to enhance the treatment of environmental contaminants. Many of these contaminants, which include: gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuels, heat oil, and industrial solvents have impacted the subsurface as a result of spills, leaks, and/or poor disposal practices. Worldwide, REGENESIS products have been applied at tens of thousands of sites in more than 20 countries. For more information visit www.regenesis.com.

    Remediation Products, Inc.
    6390 Joyce Drive Suite 150 West
    Golden, Colorado 80403
    Tel: 303.487.1001
    Contact: Bob Elliott
    Email: bob@trapandtreat.com
    Booth 24
    Safe, effective, and predictable, Remediation Products, Inc.'s Trap & Treat approach closes sites where others simply manage risk. RPI is the innovator and manufacturer of Trap & Treat BOS 100 (for chlorinated contamination) and BOS 200 (for petroleum hydrocarbon contamination). Founded in 2002, RPI is a leading supplier of superior in situ remediation products in North America and Europe. Learn more about RPI's revolutionary approach to remediation and the the international RPI Group at www.trapandtreat.com

    S. Bravo Systems, Inc.
    2929 Vail Avenue
    Commerce, CA 90040
    Tel: 323-888-4133
    Contact: Paola Bravo
    Email: pbravo@sbravo.com
    Booth 3
    Bravo is a certified woman-owned and Made in the USA accredited manufacturer of premium, frustration-free secondary containment systems. Bravo provides products and support that incorporate innovative engineering, industry feedback and unrivaled customer service to deliver superior products that protect your local ground water, perform for the life of your station, provide future-ready upgradeability and all with the lowest total cost of ownership.

    944 Donata Court
    Lake Zurich, IL 60047
    Tel: 847-438-8265
    Contact: Lorri Grainawi
    Email: lgrainawi@steeltank.com
    Booth 2
    STI/SPFA is a non-profit trade association that has as its members fabricators of steel construction products (and their suppliers). Member companies produce steel storage tanks, field erected steel tanks, pressure vessels and heat exchangers and piping and pipelines used in the petrochemical, power generation, food, drug, fuel, wastewater and water transmission industries.

    11000 N. Mopac Expressway, Suite 500
    Austin, TX 78759
    Tel: 512-380-7104
    Contact: Patricia Poblano
    Email: ppoblano@tanknology.com
    Booth 23
    Tanknology is the largest provider of UST compliance solutions in the world. Our crews provide testing and related services at more than 39,000 sites each year, for customers ranging from the largest oil companies to the smallest individual operators, in every corner of the country. Our services include compliance testing, including tanks, lines and leak detectors, secondary containment testing, cathodic protection services, ATG equipment installation and much more. Tanknology -- for all your compliance needs.

    The Veeder Root Company
    11548 Big Four Way
    Gold River, CA 95670
    Tel: 916-638-2066
    Contact: Dave Emmington
    Email: demmington@veeder.com
    Booth 11
    Veeder-Root is the number-one supplier of automatic tank gauges in the world, backed by an unmatched service network. Veeder-Root is the world's most experienced and trusted name in fuel management solutions monitoring well over a half million underground storage tanks for major oil companies, airports, governments, package deliverers, large truck fleets, car rental companies, public utilities and thousands of service stations in the U.S. and around the globe.

    Titan Cloud Software
    1006 Flagpole Ct
    STE 104
    Brentwood, TN 37027
    Tel: 615-618-0499
    Contact: Rob Boughton
    Email: rboughton@titancloud.com
    Booth 25
    Titan Cloud Software is the petroleum industry's leading provider of software for environmental compliance, fuel analytics, and facility maintenance. Helping manage risk and fuel profit, Titan solutions include over 50 modules, apps, and equipment connectors for complete visibility and control of inventory variance, environmental and fuel alarms, release detection, vendor testing, remote ATG configuration, facility inspections, wetstock management, and much more. Build your own cloud today at www.titancloud.com.

    UST Training
    3495 Daisy Lane
    Clinton, WA 98236
    Tel: 360-321-4776
    Contact: Ben Thomas
    Email: ben@USTtraining.com
    Booth 10
    UST Training provides lively, engaging, state-specific online training for Class A/B and C UST operators plus offers live UST classes nationwide. Founder Ben Thomas has 26 years experience in the UST world and has trained more operators than anyone in the industry. Stop by his booth and say hi!

    Vaporless Manufacturing, Inc.
    8700 E Long Mesa Drive
    Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
    Tel: 800-367-0185
    Contact: Barbara Kelly
    Email: sales@vaporless.com
    Booth 15

    Vista GeoScience
    130 Capital Dr.
    Suite C
    Golden, CO 80401
    Tel: 303-277-1694
    Contact: John Fontana
    Email: jfontana@vistageoscience.com
    Booth 41
    Vista GeoScience provides expert site investigation and remediation support services to consultants and engineers at commercial, DOE and DOD sites. Services include: Direct-Push (Geoprobe®) soil, soil gas and groundwater investigation; High-Resolutions Subsurface Sensing and Mapping Technologies including MIP, HPT, LIF/UVOST and others; Precision placement injections of reagent liquids and slurries including in-situ chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, bio-remediation and bio-augmentation using the Clean-Inject® system. Vista also provides installation of proppants and/or treatments using hydraulic fracturing technologies.

    Warren Rogers Associates
    747 Aquidneck Avenue
    Middletown, Rhode Island 02842
    Tel: 800.972.7472
    Contact: William Jones
    Email: wjones@warrenrogers.com
    Booth 17
    Warren Rogers provides CITLDS Continual Reconciliation monitoring for convenience stores and travel centers. The system is capable of monitoring tanks and lines at high throughput sites and provides advanced diagnostics of fueling equipment performance.

    Xerxes Corporation
    7901 Xerxes Ave South STE 201
    Minneapolis, MN 55431
    Tel: 952-887-1890
    Contact: Kristi Peterson
    Email: kristi.peterson@xerxes.com
    Booth 19
    Xerxes is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass underground tanks for the storage of petroleum and biofuel products including E10, E15, E85, biodiesel and also DEF. Our product offering includes multi-compartment tank options, TruChek hydrostatic monitoring and a variety of tank accessories including containment sumps, and prefabricated deadmen.