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Source Water Protection for Municipalities

Protecting Drinking Water Sources in Your Community,
A New Source Water Protection Tool for Municipal Officials

The New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) has developed a colorful and informative new source water protection resource for New England’s municipal officials and community volunteers. This source water protection call-to-action, Water Today...Water Tomorrow?: Protecting Drinking Water Sources in Your Community: Tools for Municipal Officials, consists of an action-packed 52-page manual plus a series of five companion fact sheets. It focuses on five key areas of vulnerability identified in New England state Source Water Assessments—inadequate local regulations and ordinances, underground storage tanks, onsite sewage disposal systems, hazardous materials storage, and stormwater runoff. The document provides municipal officials with tools they can use to take action in their communities to protect drinking water sources. It also includes several short case examples from states and communities.

Find Out How

Whether a community is just getting up to speed on source water protection or whether it’s been involved for years, this booklet provides useful information.

Why the Urgency?

Because safe drinking water is central to our health, well-being, and economic viability. Because while public water systems have primary responsibility for water supply protection, communities are essential players in this effort. Because our water supplies are limited. Because water supply pollutants are widespread and diverse.

Who Should Read This?
Mayors; Town managers; Selectmen; Planning and zoning board members; Conservation commissioners; Wetlands commissioners; Health officers; Fire departments; Zoning boards of appeal.

Municipalities need to: Be cognizant of potential threats and adopt appropriate protective policies and measures. Partner with the state, the business community, and their water suppliers to ensure water supply protection.

To Obtain Copies

NEIWPCC has a limited amount of printed copies of these materials available. The shipping charge for one set of fact sheets and booklet is $2.50. Please call NEIWPCC at (978) 323-7929 about shipping charges for additional quantities.

To order your copy, send your name, address, phone number, and email address to: NEIWPCC, Wannalancit Mills, 650 Suffolk St., Suite 410, Lowell, MA 01854


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