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68 Years Working for Clean Water: 1947 through 2015


picture of employee in one of our partnership programs

Regrettably, far too many water bodies in New England and New York State contain water that is impaired. Fortunately, there are people working hard to correct the problems. Our region is home to many programs that target specific water bodies and the challenges they face. NEIWPCC has entered into partnerships with a number of these programs as a means of supporting their efforts. While the work may focus on a single area, the lessons learned can be applied in future projects and contribute to our overall understanding of water pollution control.

NEIWPCC's role and relationship with our partners varies, depending on the program. In the Hudson River area, NEIWPCC staff work side-by-side with New York State staff on numerous projects, including the tracking of migratory fish. Our staff in the Lake Champlain Basin Program conducts education and outreach, water quality monitoring, and scientific research into aquatic nuisance species. We also serve as the program's financial administrators and program advisors. This is a role we fill for two other programs, the Interstate Environmental Commission (IEC) District and the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (NBEP). The work that NEIWPCC conducts with the IEC District is diverse and includes field and laboratory work that generates water quality data used in decision making by regional environmental managers and agencies. Through the NBEP, NEIWPCC staff work tirelessly in the effort to protect and preserve the bay and its watershed through partnerships that conserve and restore natural resources, enhance water quality, and promote community involvement.

Elsewhere, NEIWPCC staff at the Long Island Sound Study focuses on educating the public through publications and other outreach efforts. For the Peconic Estuary Program, our staff coordinates numerous water quality and habitat management efforts.

Through NEIWPCC’s relationships with these organizations, we support their important and influential work and further enhance the overall effort to protect and restore our region’s water resources.


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