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Fifth Northeast Onsite Wastewater Treatment Short Course and Equipment Exhibition

April 5-7, 2016 - Taunton, MA

April 5-7, 2016 - Taunton, MA
Field Trip

The optional field trip for the 2016 Northeast Onsite Short Course & Equipment Exhibition took place on the third day of the conference, Thursday April 7, 2016.

The field trip departed from the Taunton Holiday Inn and transported all field trip attendees to the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center where George Heufelder, Department Director, guided attendees on the trip. Since its inception in 1999, the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center, which is a division of the Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment, has served nearly every major manufacturer of onsite system technologies by standardized testing and validation or by using the facility as a test bed to research and further develop their products.

Following the test center visit, attendees were transported to an Easton Housing Authority site which displayed the coordinated efforts of an engineering firm, a treatment system and a drip dispersal system to solve onsite wastewater problems at an existing apartment complex. The project involved replacing twenty conventional septic systems serving multiple apartment buildings with a gravity collection system, a new single treatment plant and an associated control building. Following primary, secondary and tertiary treatment with TOC reduction, a series of 6 drip dispersal zones spread throughout the property provides for a decentralized disposal solution that maintains visual integrity for the property. The total design flow for this project is 27,600 GPD. The design firm was Graves Engineering who selected an Aquapoint Bioclere treatment system and a Perc-Rite Drip Dispersal system for use at this location.


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