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    Optimizing Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems

    NEIWPCC recently developed and released a comprehensive manual titled Optimizing Operation, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems. This manual helps collection system owners and operators optimize system performance, enhance effectiveness of maintenance programs, and reduce the long-term costs of operation. The manual was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It was compiled and written under the direction of an advisory committee consisting of representatives of NEIWPCC member state environmental agencies, EPA, and wastewater consultants.

    A hard copy of the manual can be purchased for $25. Click here to download an order form, which must be mailed or faxed to NEIWPCC. To download the entire document or individual chapters free of charge, click on the links below.

    Entire Document (1.26 MB)

    Acknowledgements, Foreword, Table of Contents (72 KB)

    Chapter 1: Introduction (64KB)

    Chapter 2: CMOM (56 KB)

    Chapter 3: Optimizing Administrative and Managerial Functions (104 KB)

    Chapter 4: Optimizing Legal Authority (76 KB)

    Chapter 5: Effective Communication (60 KB)

    Chapter 6: Utilizing Technology Effectively (48 KB)

    Chapter 7: Operation, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation Techniques (100 KB)

    Chapter 8: Notification and Reporting Procedures (48 KB)

    Appendix A: Glossary (120 KB)

    Appendix B: Day-to-Day Standard Operating Procedures (200 KB)

    Appendix C: Emergency Procedures (124 KB)

    Appendix D: House Lateral Design Standards (116 KB)

    Appendix E: EPA Region 4 MOM Checklist (324 KB)

    Appendix F: Inspection Forms (276 KB)


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