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68 Years Working for Clean Water: 1947 through 2015

Partnerships | New York - New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program

Photo by Joseph R. Melanson, Skypic.com.
Compliments of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary includes the waters of New York Harbor and the tidally influenced portions of all rivers and streams that empty into the Harbor. It is no secret that these waters were once greatly misused and abused, given the estuary's proximity to the teeming millions in New York City and the industry along its shores. The New York/New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program (NY/NJ HEP) is a multi-year effort to develop and implement a plan to protect, conserve, and restore the estuary. Participants in the program include representatives from local, state, and federal environmental agencies, scientists, citizens, business interests, environmentalists, and others.

NEIWPCC has maintained a partnership with NY/NJ HEP since 2003. NEIWPCC staff are involved with supporting HEP’s technical workgroups, tracking environmental and programmatic progress, and managing the production of program publications. In addition, NEIWPCC coordinates with other HEP partners to manage the HEP Stewardship and Habitat Restoration grant programs and provides program management for several technical projects that support HEP goals.

For more information, visit the NY/NJ HEP website, or contact Susy King, our NY-NJ HEP Program Manager.

Interested in working with the program? See our Contractor Opportunities page for open Requests for Proposals.


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