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Water Resource Protection | Annual Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference


NPS Conference 2013

NPS Conference 2012

NPS Conference 2011

NPS Conference 2010

NPS Conference 2009

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NPS Conference Presentations 2010

Opening Remarks

Keynote Address

General Session: Climate Change in New England – Impacts on Water Quality

Welcome to Massachusetts: A Review of Important Water Quality Issues and Projects Ongoing Throughout the State

Kate Bowditch, Charles River Watershed Association
Session 1.1: Best Management Practices – The Importance of Planning for Restoration of Water Quality

Session 1.2: Social Marketing – From Outreach to Action

Session 2.1: Best Management Practices – The Problem of Impervious Cover

Session 2.2: Volume Based Management and the Importance of Understanding Hydrology

Field Trip Briefings

Session 3.1: Emerging Issues: PPCPs, PAHs, and HABs- A Toxic Alphabet Soup

Session 3.2: Low Impact Development – The Importance of Information in Building Better Ordinances

General Session: Cooperative and Interstate Watershed Initiatives

Closing Address

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