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Northeast Regional Mercury TMDL

Since December 2005, NEIWPCC has been working with the Northeast States – CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, and VT – on a regional cleanup plan to reduce mercury entering into the states’ waters from a range of pollution sources. The draft of this plan, the Northeast Regional Mercury Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), was released for public comment on April 11, 2007. The plan focuses on reducing atmospheric deposition of mercury so that concentrations of mercury in fish can be reduced to healthier levels. Based on calculations in the TMDL, atmospheric deposition of mercury needs to be reduced by 98 percent from sources both inside and outside of the region in order to meet desired fish tissue concentrations.

Following the release of the TMDL in April, eight public informational meetings were held throughout the region and comments were accepted until June 8. Since that time, NEIWPCC and the states have revised the TMDL based on comments received and produced a final TMDL document that was submitted to EPA on October 24, 2007. The TMDL was approved by EPA on December 20, 2007.










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