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Under a contract from Maine's Department of Environmental Protection, NEIWPCC has managed the Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee (JETCC) since 1985. JETCC, together with ME DEP, coordinates the training of Maine's environmental professionals. Traditionally, it's focused on organizing and conducting training programs for wastewater treatment plant operators. But under the guidance of NEIWPCC's Leeann Hanson, JETCC's coordinator, its role has been expanding in recent years.

JETCC has begun targeting more training at drinking water operators, and in recent years, has been contracted by state agencies and environmental groups to deliver specialized training to diverse audiences, including septic system installers, emergency response personnel, air pollution control observers, hazardous materials handlers, and contractors who specialize in erosion control. In September 2003, JETCC coordinated three "Tank Truck Rollover" classes for the Maine Emergency Management Agency. More than 134 first responders and firefighters learned how to respond when trucks carrying large quantities of fuel or hazardous chemicals roll over in an accident.

JETCC also contracted with Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District to assist with the three-day "Stormwater Management in Cold Climates" conference and trade show held in November 2003. More than 370 individuals from 25 states and five countries participated in this event. In addition, JETCC has a one-year contract with Maine DEP to handle registrations for all Nonpoint Source Training Center courses. JETCC is also working with Maine DEP to coordinate a series of "Laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control" classes for wastewater treatment operators across the state.

JETCC operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors appointed by the Commissioner of the DEP. The board is composed of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment personnel and local government representatives.

To contact JETCC, call 207-253-8020.


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