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68 Years Working for Clean Water: 1947 through 2015

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    Current Issue

    September 2014

    In the new issue of Interstate Water Report, NEIWPCC's Dan Peckham examines the unsettled questions and many disputes over limits on aluminum in America’s waters. Other feature articles explore the efforts to reduce sewer clogs caused by flushing baby wipes and other nonwoven fabrics; the challenges faced by a NEIWPCC staffer as she works to encourage inclusive decisions related to a venerated New York lake; spirited testimony from NEIWPCC’s Ron Poltak and others at a Congressional hearing in Washington; an insider’s view of pump station inspections in the New York area; and a consideration of next steps to build on the success of the UNH “Pee Bus.”

    From the Executive Director: Sizing Up the Plastic Peril and the Newest Threat
    By Ronald Poltak, NEIWPCC

    State of Uncertainty: Conflict and Controversy over How Best to Deal with Aluminum
    By Dan Peckham, NEIWPCC

    Case of Obstruction: Taking Action to Stem Sewer Clogs Caused by Improper Disposal
    By Greg McNeal and Stephen Hochbrunn, NEIWPCC

    Balancing Act: NEIWPCC Staffer Juggles Many Efforts, Respects Divergent Views at N.Y.'s Onondaga Lake
    By Anna Meyer, NEIWPCC

    Full House, Packed Agenda: September Commission Meeting

    Call for Progress: Washington Hearing on Integrated Planning Draws Spirited Testimony from NEIWPCC's Poltak and Others
    By Stephen Hochbrunn, NEIWPCC

    Watchful Eyes: NEIWPCC's IEC Staff Inspect Critical yet Often Overlooked Infrastructure
    By Evelyn Powers, NEIWPCC/IEC District

    Next Steps: Discussing Prospects for Urine Diversion Following Successful UNH Project
    By Anna Meyer, NEIWPCC

    Rewarding Tradition: Youth and the Environment Program


    Download PDF of Entire Issue


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