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NEIWPCC staff activities include conducting an annual
survey of blue crabs in the Hudson.
Old maps of the Hudson help NEIWPCC staff study
changes in the river and design restoration efforts.

Since 1999, NEIWPCC has been providing funding and staff to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation programs that work to protect, conserve, restore, and enhance the Hudson River and its estuary. Our Water Resource Protection division in Lowell oversees these staff and the outcomes generated by our funding.

NEIWPCC staff at the Hudson River Estuary Program and the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve coordinate and engage in a wide variety of activities, including river bottom (benthic) mapping, educational canoe trips, teacher workshops, grant administration, water quality and nutrient sampling, habitat restoration, actions to prevent the spread of invasive species, sturgeon tracking, and spawning stock surveys. Recent highlights include establishing sentinel monitoring sites for climate change monitoring in the Tivoli Bays section of the estuary, a project to develop mortality rates for adult spawning river herring, and ongoing work to develop a habitat restoration plan for the Hudson River. Through our partnership with the Hudson River Estuary Program, we also support publication of the popular Hudson River Almanac.

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