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    Fats, Oils and Grease Control and Management (F.O.G.)

    Top: A 10' clean sewer pipe
    Bottom: Same sewer pipe with grease build-up


    In 2005 NEIWPCC presented a one-day workshop entitled Fats, Oil, and Grease Management Alternatives. Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) are primarily generated by restaurants and other institutional food service establishments and are major contributors to municipal wastewater collection system and onsite treatment system (septic system) blockages and overflows. As the environmental community moves to more stringently manage FOG, it is essential that there be adequate treatment capacity to manage the material removed from these wastewater systems.

    NEIWPCC’s FOG workshop highlighted various treatment alternatives for this material. Treatment options discussed included private grease pretreatment facilities, composting, land application, and incineration (with municipal solid waste and sewage sludge). The workshop focused on treating the material once it is removed from the wastewater system and emphasized that there are properties within this material making it suitable for various types of beneficial reuse.

    In 2008, NEIWPCC presented anther series of workshops in Providence, Rhode Island.  Day one of the workshop was focused on preventing FOG-related collections system impacts and day two was focused on beneficially managing grease trap waste – with an emphasis on energy recovery.

    In 2009, the two day format was condensed to one day and the workshop was offered in Rochester, New York.


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