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68 Years Working for Clean Water: 1947 through 2015

Contractor Opportunities

A more detailed description for each contractor opportunity listed below is available for download from this web page or by calling 978-323-7929.

NEIWPCC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Requests for Proposals

Southeast New England Program: Water Quality Management Grants for the Greater Narragansett Bay Watershed

NEIWPCC and the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (NBEP) and its partners are inviting proposals for Water Quality Management Grants within the greater Narragansett Bay watershed under the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Southeast New England Program ("SNEP"). This Program is funding nutrient, pathogen, and stormwater management projects within Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The grant program will distribute up to $900,000 in grants. No single grant award may exceed $200,000, and no grantee may be awarded more than $250,000 cumulatively through this RFP. Pre-proposals must be received by September 23, 2015 (12:00 noon EST). Full proposals will be sought by invitation only.

Request for Proposals

Appendix A (Title Page)
Appendix B (Overall Budget Form)
Appendix C (Task-Based Budget)

Hudson River Estuary Program: Owner Outreach and Design of Priority Hudson River Estuary Biologically Important Barriers

The New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (NYS DEC) Hudson River Estuary Program, are soliciting proposals to; 1) design and implement an outreach and education effort to inform communities and individuals who own or manage stream barriers (dams or culverts) about the impacts of barriers on stream ecology and resiliency and introduce them to existing opportunities to support culvert replacement or dam removal, 2) identify candidate stream barrier mitigation and removal sites in tributaries to the Hudson River Estuary through use of existing data, new data collected during this project and outreach efforts to individual dam and culvert owners, 3) develop preliminary barrier removal or mitigation design plans for a set of priority candidate sites, and 4) obtain letters of concurrence from barrier owners to move forward with the mitigation and removal process. The award amount is up to $100,000. Proposals must be received by September 4, 2015 (12:00 noon EDT)

Request for Proposals

Appendix A (Title Page)
Appendix B (Overall Budget Form)
Appendix C (Task-Based Budget)




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