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67 Years Working for Clean Water: 1947 through 2014

Water Quality | Northeast AVGWLF
A Nonpoint Source Pollution, Watershed Model for the Northeast

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AVGWLF (Generalized Watershed Loading Function with an ArcView (AV) geographic information systems (GIS) interface) is a watershed scale model that uses hydrology, land cover, soils, topography, weather, pollutant discharges, and other critical environmental characteristics to model sediment and nutrient transport within a watershed. AVGWLF is a powerful nonpoint source pollution modeling tool that provides its users with various tools to evaluate different strategies to mitigate water quality impairments. AVGWLF is a data-rich, user-friendly, watershed-scale, calibrated model. NEIWPCC collaborated with Pennsylvania State University to tailor and calibrate AVGWLF for New England and New York State, resulting in the development of the Northeast AVGWLF. The Northeast AVGWLF will provide the Northeast states and their partners with an enhanced technical “tool kit” for use in the modeling of nonpoint source pollutant load reduction scenarios and for the development of total maximum daily loads (TMDLs). This model will also provide regional users with a common database, ultimately enhancing and promoting interstate collaboration on the management and improvement of water quality throughout New England and New York State.



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